Queens Station

GSD 1202: Fourth Semester Core Studio
Graduate School of Design, Harvard
Critic: Thomas Schroepfer
Spring 2011

This project represents the culmination of a semester of investigation into how architecture inhabits urban environments through the medium of code. Students were asked to break into groups and code a piece of urban fabric over an existing railyard in Queens. This project, an intermodal rapid transit hub that links the 7 train to the Long Island Railroad, sits within this coding structure. As such, the project presents a generic kit of possibilities for architectural interventions through building massing, floor plate arrangement, and atrium configuration.

Two moves expose the deep workings of the station, the creation of a shifting groundplane that moves between street and the concourse, and the punching of large atriums through each building. These atrium figures becomes the primary structure of the three buildings and represent a meeting of infrastructural forces.