Mapping Imageability: Medellín, Colombia

Thesis Research
Graduate School of Design, Harvard
Advisor: Felipe Correa
Fall 2012

This animated mapping exercise looks at user-generated content, in this case geo-tagged photographs, and how distributed collective platforms can be mapped and used to spatialize the legibility, visibility, and imageability of urban and architectural projects.

Medellín is a city that sits in an Andean valley; there are various landmarks (like the Parque Bibliotecas) that are visible from multiple points in the city. This speaks not only to the role that imageability plays within local contexts, but also to the broader role of image broadcasting within the global digital network.

Pink dots are locations of Flickr geotagged photographs, posted by local professional photographers, photography enthusiasts, and tourists. Purple dots are locations of Instagram geotagged photographs, posted by mobile phone users. Yellow dots are locations of geotagged Flickr queries. Geotagged photography information pulled from the public APIs of Flickr and Instagram and mapped in three-dimensions.