Hill and Water House

GSD 1302: Landscape (Hill and Water) House, Options Studio
Graduate School of Design, Harvard
Critic: Wang Shu
Fall 2011

Hill and Water House fifth semester Options Studio at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Fall 2011 taught by Professor Wang Shu of Amateur Architecture Studio and the Chinese Academy of Arts, Hangzhou, China.

This intervention within a traditional neighborhood in the city of Shaoxing, China proposes a series of ground-level commercial pavilions underneath three single-family housing units. As the program moves in section from public to private, spaces expand and contract through an interfacing of interiority and exteriority.

This culminates a semester of investigation that began with traditional Chinese landscape painting as an exchange for narrative, layering, ambiguity, and threshold in architecture. The scale of the project provided the opportunity to use animation as a representational tool to explore the poetic qualities through shifts in material, proportion, transparency, and light.

Project geometry and animation produced in 3dsmax 2012 rendered in V-ray 2.0, post production in Adobe After Effects and Magic Bullet Looks, compiled in Adobe Premiere.

Music an excerpt from “La Mer, L. 109, I. De l’aube à midi sur la mer” by Debussy